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Alberta plans loans to speed well reclamation

Alberta plans loans to speed well reclamation Western Producer June 1, 2017 Legislation designed to speed up the management of orphaned wells and could create up to 1,650 jobs. A loan to Alberta’s Orphan Well Association is being proposed by the Alberta government to assist in reclaiming about 152,000...


Cleanup boost for old oil and gas sites to create jobs

Government of Alberta May 18, 2017 Albertans will have a cleaner, safer environment and more jobs in the process thanks to a funding boost to address orphaned wells. The Alberta government has introduced legislation that would allow it to lend the Orphan Well Association (OWA) $235 million to...


Alberta sees huge spike in abandoned oil and gas wells

It's no secret that Alberta's junior energy sector is struggling. Falling energy prices and tighter rules around the viability of oil and gas wells have meant many companies are abandoning their operations and turning their wells over to the province to be reclaimed. In the past...